About Me

I’m Dana LaCoco. I’ve been an artist my whole life–whether it’s drawing, painting, storytelling, embroidery, crochet, or crafts, I’m always creating something. I studied art & design at Columbia College and worked as an art director in the advertising industry for over 10 years. Recently, my focus has shifted from the ad world to being a mom and pursuing a new career in library services. This new phase of my life has also allowed me to pursue painting more seriously.

Pets are my favorite subject for a lot of reasons. Capturing a pet’s expression in paint never gets old. Combining unexpected colors to express the sparkle in a cat’s eye or the shine on a dog’s wet nose is joyful for me. But the greatest feeling is sharing the finished portrait with the pet’s parent and seeing their excitement.

So…..can I pet paint your dog?? (Or cat, or gerbil, or bird…)